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Mental Health

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Meet the Doctors & Psychologists
Our board-certified physicians and doctorate-level psychologists. Highest quality of care, with a smile.

Dr Kristin Dean

Dr. Dean’s goal is to treat each patient as a whole and not as an illness.

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Dr. Dean

Board-Certified MD

Dr. Taylor

Dr. Taylor is an honors graduate of Harvard College and of Harvard Medical School.

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Dr. Taylor

Board-Certified MD

Dr. Christopher Bailey

Dr. Bailey is a graduate of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

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Dr. Bailey

Board-Certified MD

Dr. Dike

Dr. Dike is skilled in treatments for anxiety, mood and psychotic disorders.

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Dr. Dike


Dr. Preeti Chopra

Dr. Preeti Chopra likes to develop a great rapport with her patients and treat them like old friends.

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Dr. Chopra

Board-Certified MD

Dr Joshua DeFriece

Dr. Joshua DeFriece takes a team approach with his patients. He specializes in cholesterol disorders.

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Dr. DeFriece

Board-Certified MD

Dr. Nikole Benders-Hadi

Dr. Nikole Benders-Hadi has done research and writing on women's mental health issues.

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Dr. Benders-Hadi


Dr. Tara Wilson

Dr. Tara Wilson has 12 years of emergency room experience.

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Dr. Wilson

Board-Certified MD

Dr. Tony Yuan

Dr. Tony Yuan has treated more than 30,000 patients as an emergency physician.

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Dr. Yuan

Board-Certified MD

Dr Tania Elliott

Dr. Tania Elliott specializes in allergies and the immune system.

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Dr. Elliott

Board-Certified MD

Dr. Marc Kossmann

Dr. Marc Kossmann specializes in therapy for cancer patients.

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Dr. Kossmann


Dr. Amy Halanski

Dr. Amy Halanski is a pediatrician who believes in healthy doses of smiles.

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Dr. Halanski

Board-Certified MD

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Meet Our Users
Real patients. Real stories about feeling better faster with Doctor On Demand.

“I don't miss sitting in the waiting room with all the sick, sneezy people.”


"The doctor actually wanted to talk to me and find out what was going on."


"I feel like the doctor is listening and she explains everything. She helps me understand."


“Being able to open my laptop, talk to a doctor and get help within 10 minutes was amazing.”


“Quitting smoking is really hard, but it was easy to talk to a doctor and find the best path.”


Alexandra - UTI treated successfully
Clifford - A veteran receives the attention he deserves
Amber - Peace of mind for a busy mom
Joanna - Got a prescription while on vacation

Top Conditions We Treat
We treat most common illnesses quickly and effectively through a video doctor visit.

Cold & Flu


When running a marathon sounds easier than getting out of bed…
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When cats and dandelions are your Kryptonite…
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Sore Throat


When popsicles might as well be sandpaper…
read more



When your sunglasses hide something crusty…
read more



When your body looks splotchy…
read more

Sports injuries


When you forget your age on the court…
read more



When the burn is not from your Pilates class…
read more



When a bag, bucket or toilet is your best friend…
read more



When it seems like too much…
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When everything feels impossible…
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