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Obsessions & Compulsions

When urges or repetitive thoughts won’t stop…


About Obsessions & Compulsions

An obsession is a constant concern about things like dirt, germs or the acceptability of your thoughts. Compulsions include excessive acts like hand washing or counting and rituals like arranging things or avoiding stepping on sidewalk cracks. When they are severe, they are known as Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). While most people with OCD have both, some might only experience obsessions or compulsions. A video visit with a Doctor On Demand psychologist or psychiatrist can help you determine the best way to identify and handle your obsessions and compulsions.

How We Can Help

  • 50% of people will meet criteria for a mental health diagnosis in their lifetime.
  • Proven treatments exist, but many people don’t get the help they need.
  • Doctor On Demand provides a solution by bringing therapy to you in a comfortable and convenient way. You will connect face-to-face with a licensed psychologist or board-certified psychiatrist using real time audio and video.
  • A video visit is just like meeting in a provider’s office, without the hassle of actually going to an office.

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