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Doctor On Demand Provider Spotlight: Dr. Audrey Powell

Dr. Audrey Powell is a Texas-based provider who has been with Doctor On Demand for over 2 years. She completed dual residencies in both Internal Medicine and Pediatrics at the University of Tennessee, and has seen hundreds of patients throughout her career. Read on to learn more about Dr. Powell, her experiences with Doctor On Demand, and a few tips on how to live life well.


Stress vs. Burnout: What’s the difference?

By Dr. Craig Dike

In this day and age stress surrounds us. It comes at us from all angles: work, home, family, and our physical health. Each of us have developed various ways to cope with stress so that we can overcome such challenges. But what is too much stress and what does it create in us? You’ve heard co-workers or even yourself saying it, “I’m burnt out!” (more…)

8 Things To Expect From Your Therapist

By Dr. John Mayer

I’m sometimes asked by people interested in having therapy, “What can I expect from my first visit?” Oftentimes, people ask if I’m going to ask a lot of questions about their feelings, or if I’m going to ask them to talk about their childhood. The truth is that it really depends, and that each therapist’s approach is tailored to the goals the patient has for treatment.

But while the approach to treating patients may differ, there are some constants that you can expect in your first visit. (more…)

A Doctor’s View of Emergency Rooms and Doctor On Demand

Have you ever had to go to an emergency room over the weekend because you were feeling sick and your doctor was unavailable? While heading to the ER may seem like the easiest option when you need care immediately, did you know that Doctor On Demand can effectively treat many common reasons people go to the ER, and in less time?

Dr. Tony Yuan is a physician with Doctor On Demand as well as an ER doctor in the San Francisco Bay Area. This means that he treats dozens of patients a day either in person or over video, giving him a unique perspective on these two treatment settings. We chatted with him a bit to gather his take on their similarities and differences, as well as some guidance on when to use which. (more…)

3 Tips To Maximize Your Next Appointment With a Psychologist

By Dr. Craig Dike
Therapy is similar to exercise in many ways. The more that you put into it, the more you get out, and the better you will feel about the results afterwards. In fact, using the term “talk therapy” can sometimes be misleading.

The process of talk therapy is, more often than not, very interactive. It involves taking the time to look inwards and changing both your perspective and your behaviors. This self-exploration is what makes talk-therapy so effective. You are the world’s leading expert on yourself, after all. (more…)