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What Do You Have In Common With Adele and Tom Brady?

By Dr. Craig Dike

We often hear about stories of the great accomplishments that those we look up to are able to achieve. In fact, the stories that we remember most are often the ones that may seem unbelievable.

Take Tom Brady, for example. He was recently able to win a record 5th Super Bowl in dramatic fashion, coming from behind to overcome a daunting opponent, to take his place in history. And similarly, Adele, who has recently won her 15th Grammy Award, has done so in the face of near-crippling stage anxiety that could ruin others with aspirations in the performance industry.

So what’s their secret? The simple truth, is that both Tom Brady and Adele can attribute much of their success to a trait that can be found in all of us: mental strength. Mental strength isn’t just found in those that we look up to. It exists deep within each and every one of us, and is something that must be nurtured over time.

Thankfully, there are some simple steps that one can take to nurture the strength within themselves:

  • Learn from your mistakes. Oftentimes, the most valuable lessons we take with us are from our own mistakes. The road to success is often full of challenges, and it is important to think of each challenge as a step towards your goals.
  • Believe in yourself. The greatest of successes often come from those that are simply willing to step forward and try.
  • Take control of what you can. It is not only important to take control of what you can, but to also know when to ask for help in controlling what may seem out of reach.

Speaking with a psychologist can help you identify and uncover the strength and fortitude that resides within yourself. Taking the first step to schedule an appointment is often the hardest, but also a sure sign of drive and motivation from within. And once you take that step, we at Doctor On Demand will be here to help you along the way.

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dr-craig-dikeDr. Craig Dike earned his doctorate in clinical psychology at the University of Indianapolis in Indianapolis, Indiana. He completed his internship training at the Texas State University Counseling Center and his post-doctoral training at San Diego VA specializing in psychiatric rehabilitation and evidence based interventions for severe mental illness. His theoretical orientation is primarily cognitive-behavioral with third-wave influences. He is skilled in the application of empirically-supported group and individual treatments for anxiety, mood, and psychotic disorders. Dr. Dike has clinical and research interests in: metacognition, meditation, behavioral/functional genomics, biopsychosocial models of psychosis, recovery oriented interventions, neurobiology of psychological change, exposure based treatments for anxiety disorders, and CBT for psychosis. In his free time Dr. Dike enjoys spending time with his children, family and friends, traveling, listening to music, hiking and enjoying nature, discovering great local restaurants, and watching his favorite sports of American and English football.