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What Worries Mothers

By Dr. Araceli Flores

In a recent survey, we spoke with more than 1,000 moms in the United States about what triggers their stress and anxiety. With multiple priorities and many people to care for, it’s not a surprise that a majority of mothers in our survey–88% to be exact–suffer from at least one stress-related health problem and 59% report having problems with anxiety. (more…)

Honoring Mental Health Month

May is National Mental Health Month and was established in 1949 to increase awareness of the importance of mental well-being. We join the many organizations and individuals who are committed to raising awareness, fighting stigma, providing support, and advocating for access to care. (more…)

Why moms should stop focusing on work and life balance

By Dr. Judith Thorne

There are many opinions on work life balance, especially geared towards women and mothers. As a clinical psychologist, sometimes I struggle with these recommendations and concept of work life balance. Why? The concept of work life balance can start to feel like homework or more work when mothers are already juggling a full plate. On top of the demands and pressures a woman encounters as a mom, now we are asking her to balance everything on her own? The health of the mother is one of the most important links to the well-being of their children. As I’ve said to many of my patients: “If you go down, the whole ship goes down.”

A lot of the women I see have very successful careers that become a part of their identity before having children. Because they have done so well in their life they think: “What could be harder than what I’m doing now?” The struggle arises when many women want to be the perfect mother of the 1950s, and also the high achieving career woman of the 2000s. They set high expectations for themselves and try to figure out what they must do to “have it all.” They plan the perfect home birth, plan to make baby food from scratch, plan to go back to work immediately or plan to immediately quit their job to stay at home…the list goes on. When the reality does not meet expectations, they feel guilty, ashamed, or anxious.

The truth is: there is no secret formula. We need to reframe the conversation away from achieving work/life balance and encourage women to discuss and think about things like whether or not they are getting the support they need when they have a family. (more…)

New Study Finds Cost of Healthcare Is Top Cause of Stress for Moms

Moms are busy. Between getting the kids to soccer practice, taking a spin class, or nailing an important client meeting, it’s not news that a sweeping majority (88%) suffer from at least one stress-related health problem and 59% have problems with anxiety. It’s clear moms don’t have time to focus on their own physical and mental health. But what, exactly, is causing this stress and anxiety, and ultimately blocking moms’ ability to live life well?

Topping the list? One in five moms attribute the cost of healthcare as major cause of anxiety.

In support of Mental Health Awareness Month and our commitment to helping patients live life well year-round, Doctor On Demand’s report “Moms, Money, and Mental Health” sheds light on the key health issues affecting moms and the barriers preventing them from seeking help.

To view the full survey report, click on the button below.

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Doctor On Demand Provider Spotlight: Dr. Araceli Flores

Dr. Araceli Flores is a psychologist who obtained her doctoral degree at the University of Utah and has formal training in motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, and patient-centered psychotherapy. Her experience ranges from one-on-one psychotherapy sessions to group sessions to working with hospital patients.


Self-caring on a time crunch

By Dr. Tanya Siff

There are so many things in life that require our time, and many of these obligations are on a schedule, such as work, commuting, or taking our kids to school. As a result, it’s hard to prioritize self-care, and self-care is often one of the first things to go because it isn’t scheduled in our lives. For some people, it can even feel like a burden or just another thing on the “to-do” list.

Self-care is about identifying your own needs and taking steps to meet them. If you don’t take care of yourself, it can be hard to feel centered emotionally. Someone who is centered emotionally feels comfortable in their own skin and has an inner peace that helps them deal with the outside. Carving out even a little bit of time for self-care can help you feel emotionally centered and increases your frustration tolerance. (more…)