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Stress vs. Burnout: What’s the difference?

By Dr. Craig Dike

In this day and age stress surrounds us. It comes at us from all angles: work, home, family, and our physical health. Each of us have developed various ways to cope with stress so that we can overcome such challenges. But what is too much stress and what does it create in us? You’ve heard co-workers or even yourself saying it, “I’m burnt out!” (more…)

8 Things To Expect From Your Therapist

By Dr. John Mayer

I’m sometimes asked by people interested in having therapy, “What can I expect from my first visit?” Oftentimes, people ask if I’m going to ask a lot of questions about their feelings, or if I’m going to ask them to talk about their childhood. The truth is that it really depends, and that each therapist’s approach is tailored to the goals the patient has for treatment.

But while the approach to treating patients may differ, there are some constants that you can expect in your first visit. (more…)

3 Tips To Maximize Your Next Appointment With a Psychologist

By Dr. Craig Dike
Therapy is similar to exercise in many ways. The more that you put into it, the more you get out, and the better you will feel about the results afterwards. In fact, using the term “talk therapy” can sometimes be misleading.

The process of talk therapy is, more often than not, very interactive. It involves taking the time to look inwards and changing both your perspective and your behaviors. This self-exploration is what makes talk-therapy so effective. You are the world’s leading expert on yourself, after all. (more…)

What Do You Have In Common With Adele and Tom Brady?

By Dr. Craig Dike

We often hear about stories of the great accomplishments that those we look up to are able to achieve. In fact, the stories that we remember most are often the ones that may seem unbelievable.

Take Tom Brady, for example. He was recently able to win a record 5th Super Bowl in dramatic fashion, coming from behind to overcome a daunting opponent, to take his place in history. And similarly, Adele, who has recently won her 15th Grammy Award, has done so in the face of near-crippling stage anxiety that could ruin others with aspirations in the performance industry. (more…)

The 3 Most Important Elements of a Good Therapist Relationship

By Dr. John Mayer

Therapy can feel like a scary concept, especially for people trying it out for the first time. First-time patients are often asked to take a brave first step in trying to open up to someone who is basically a stranger. That’s why finding the right provider is so important in successful therapy.

Even the American Psychological Association agrees, and stresses how critical it is to find the right therapist specifically for you. Therapy is not one-size fits all, and someone else’s perfect therapist may not be perfect for you.

Here are the 3 most important elements of a good therapist relationship: (more…)

5 Signs You’re Working in a Toxic Environment

By Dr. Craig Dike

Many people work in a healthy, productive environment with clear communication, positive collaboration, and strong leadership that understands how to create great results. If you work in an environment like that, you probably feel valued and take pride in your work.

But what if you don’t? Sometimes workplaces seem to breed hostility and conflict. If you’re feeling overly stressed about work, you might be stuck in a “toxic” workplace.

Here are five warning signs of a toxic work environment to watch out for: (more…)