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What’s Worse: Bunion or Goiter?

whats-worse-bunion-goiterBy Dr. Aditi Joshi

Having strange growths and bumps can be a stressful experience, but how do you know what to worry about and what not to worry about? Today we are tackling two such growths and asking, what’s worse: getting a bunion or a goiter?



What’s Worse: Midlife Crisis or Menopasue?

primary-whats-worse-midlife-menopauseBy Dr. Aditi Joshi

Nothing seems to terrify people most than the thought of aging. Of course, it is inevitable and it is also a gift to live until an old age — but it’s not always easy. Today we talk about two common parts of aging and try to figure out what’s worse: menopause or midlife crisis?


What’s Worse: Sexually Transmitted Infection or Alcohol Poisoning?

sti-alcohol-poisoningBy Dr. Aditi Joshi

This is the “What’s Worse?” spring break edition. Millions of students will be partaking in two of the most common spring break activities: sex and drinking. Both in excess can create some health complications. Before going to the party, you need to ask yourself what’s worse: a sexually transmitted infection or alcohol poisoning? Please be safe and act responsibly!


What’s Worse: Heart Arrhythmia or Broken Heart?

whats-worse-heartbreak-arrythmiaBy Dr. Aditi Joshi

It may not be a coincidence that the calendar focuses on the heart in February. In addition to Valentine’s Day, it’s also American Heart Month. But what could be worse, a broken heart or heart arrhythmia? And did you know that broken heart syndrome is a real, physical medical condition? Let’s compare to see which is worse.


What’s Worse: Frostbite or Sunburn?

whats-worse-frostbite-sunburnBy Dr. Aditi Joshi

The joy of winter is playing in the snow while dreaming of far flung warm locales. There are always people who prefer one or the other, which got me thinking: Would I rather get sunburned in the heat or frostbitten in the cold? Let’s discuss what’s worse.