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Well-trained, Experienced, U.S. Doctors

Friendly, smart and trustworthy

When you use the Doctor On Demand app, you will be connected to a caring and experienced doctor that is fully dedicated to helping you get better.

Licensed Doctors Wherever You Go

Our national network of doctors is designed to cover our patients where they live and where they travel to.

Well-trained and well-educated

Our doctors come from some of the top American medical schools. We hand-pick and individually train each of our doctors to conduct excellent video consultations.

Join the Doctor On Demand Movement

Are you a high­ quality, patient minded and conscientious Physician Licensed in the US?
Join hundreds of doctors in all fifty states who enjoy:

• Great Income:

Get reimbursed for phone medicine that physicians have provided for years. Our doctors make great pay on flexible 4-hour or 8-hour shifts and can make >$200,000 for a full time equivalent from home, office or on vacation.

•Low Stress Work Environment:

Our physicians can focus purely on patient care while working uninterrupted from the comfort of their homes, offices, vacation locations or anywhere they have internet access.

•Flexible Locations and No Commute:

Our doctors don’t need to worry about commuting. They can vacation, temporarily move or permanently relocate and still see patients and make a good living doing what they love.

• User Friendly Technology:

Our Doctors use user-friendly technology designed by some of the best engineers in Silicon Valley specifically for doctors. Charting, prescribing and consultations are all paperless. Our doctors say the user interface is visual, easy to use, and more like applications they use personally, than traditional medical software.

• Full Malpractice Coverage:

Primary Telemedicine Care has historically had an extremely low malpractice rate as the cases tend to be low complexity, low acuity and are not:
◦ Emotional types of cases
◦ Major Interventions or Emergencies
◦ Long standing chronic issues

• No overhead:

There are no office rents, staff or uncommon supplies to purchase.

• Increase Patients for their Practice:

Many of our physicians enjoy being able to build their practice by seeing new patients via Doctor on Demand that they can then see in their own clinics. They also value using Doctor on Demand to schedule existing patients for virtual visits which makes their practice more efficient.

• Improving Patient Access and Keeping Up with Change:

Our physicians enjoy knowing that they are a part of the solution to the health care problems we face by dramatically improving patient access. Simultaneously, they keep up with what many experts feel will be a mainstream care delivery model in the near future.

The telehealth services made available through Doctor on Demand are provided by a network of U.S. licensed physicians that are affiliated with independent physician-owned medical practices throughout the United States. These medical practices provide services via the Doctor on Demand telehealth platform. Doctor on Demand, Inc. does not itself provide any physician or other healthcare provider services.

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