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Video chat with a doctor about your non-emergency medical question

Video chat with a Doctor about Non-Emergency Pediatric Questions

Call a Doctor for a Short Term Prescription or Refill

Use Doctor On Demand to get a referral to a specialist in your area.

Call a doctor when traveling and can’t get ahold of your primary care physician.

Non-Emergencies for Children
  • Overview
  • Non-Emergency Medical Issues
  • Pediatric Questions
  • Prescription
  • Specialists Referral
  • Traveling

What our patients are saying…

Lisa H.Denton, TX

Since healthcare is so problematic these days, this program is a GREAT alternative! A 15 min video chat was plenty of time to diagnose a minor illness. The alternative of an in-office doctor visit would have cost double, plus it saved a huge amount of time & allowed us to avoid being exposed to other germs! Online with a doctor within SECONDS, had medication within hours. That's GREAT healthcare!

Jeremy S.SF, CA

Wow what an amazing program! Truly! $40.00 is the cost of my copay when I do go see a doctor and wait times and what not are becoming longer and more distracting! Next time I need a doctor visit I will for sure be using this service! Very neat idea!! WOW is all I can say! :)

Victoria B.Sacramento, CA I can say is what great customer service. My initial call with Dr. Tong was great, and this is my fist time using your services.
For people like me who don't have insurance would much rather pay $40.00 for Doctor on Demand than go to my doctor's office , where they charge me between $125.00 and $175.00 or an office visit.
Which to choose.? That's a no-brainer.

Eva B.Redondo Beach, CA

Woah this app is way easier and convenient than I thought it would be! Dr Meric was really sweet an gave me great advice. I was able to get a prescription for her and am so happy I didn't have to leave me house, especially when I am feeling sick! The 40 dollars for a phone call is as much as my copay, actually 10 dollars cheaper, so no scams with this too good to be true app. Thank you!!

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Why wait days to get an appointment and spend hours in a waiting room when you can talk to a real, licensed MD right now?

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Why wait days to get an appointment and spend hours in a waiting room when you can talk to a real, licensed MD right now?

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