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Conditions We Don’t Treat

A sudden rash, a mild muscle sprain, a stomach upset – there are so many conditions Doctor On Demand physicians can help you with or treat effectively through a Video Visit. But for more serious or chronic conditions, a visit to a doctor or hospital is important and necessary.

1) Sudden Medical Issue & Severe Injuries

Your child falls on the playground and his wrist becomes immediately swollen and red or your daughter has just ingested a sandwich and she is having trouble breathing. In cases like a broken bone, a severe muscle tear, a large foreign object in the eye or a sudden allergy, you will likely need in-person medical care. Doctor On Demand physicians are trained to know when your child needs immediate, in-person care and to err on the side of caution when there is any question. They can help you make this decision.

2) Chronic Conditions

Having a chronic condition means you and your child are dealing with a condition and its symptoms on a constant basis. It can also mean regular and frequent visits with your doctor, which can be very time-consuming. For the most effective treatment of chronic conditions, it’s important that you see your primary care physician. Doctor On Demand is not intended to replace the care you receive from your primary care physician.