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Conditions Affecting the Skin – Pediatric

Rashes, bites, scrapes, hives and sores are very common in children. Sometimes these incidents are very minor. Other cases can be much more severe, potentially related to immune system issues. It is critical to get your child’s skin condition evaluated by a physician.

How We Diagnose

Skin conditions are very often diagnosable by visual inspection. An important component of dermatological assessment is recognizing patterns, features, signs and symptoms. Questions about your child’s recent activities and duration of symptoms also help in making a diagnosis.


Using the Camera

Thanks to advances in technology, images transmitted through the Doctor On Demand app are extremely high resolution. The images are even more detailed than what physicians can see with their naked eye.

Parents can upload multiple photos of your child’s skin condition safely and directly to your physician. The photos are transmitted with lossless compression. The camera allows you to take several views of the condition. We also have the ability to store images in a patient’s medical records to assess changes over time.

Common Treatment

Treatment may consist of a topical ointment or cream, or an oral medication. Physicians are only going to prescribe medication when necessary. For example, a child could present with a horrible looking rash that can be significantly improved with a few rounds of ice application. If a patient can be treated with simpler medications or no medication at all, the doctors at Doctor On Demand will almost always go that route.