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How We Select and Screen our Therapists

You may have heard about Doctor On Demand from a friend; or perhaps from Dr. Phil or The Doctors. Maybe you read an interesting article on us. The goal of Doctor On Demand is to bring you the medical care and treatment you need, from a licensed doctor, through app technology. Seeing a therapist from home seems like a convenient idea, but you may wonder ‘how qualified are these therapists?’ Learn more about our rigorous selection, screening and training process:

All of our therapists are licensed psychologists with doctorate degrees. Many people don’t realize there are different kinds of therapists and counselors, with varying levels of training. At Doctor On Demand, all of our therapists have a doctorate-level degree, meaning they have had significantly more training than many other therapists who only have a masters level of education. Our psychologists bring years of clinical and practical training and experience to the care they provide to our patients.

From this group of applicants, we do a full investigation into their professional credentials including background check, license verification and a direct screening with our behavioral health team. We also investigate any complaints filed with the Board of Psychology.

Next, each candidate goes through extensive training to ensure the video is used effectively during therapy, their bedside manner is competent and they fully understand and can implement the materials covered in Doctor On Demand training guide and manual. During this training phase we also review and remind our therapists about cultural competency, sensitivity (religion, race, sexual orientation, etc.) and do an in-depth review of our policies and procedures.

Finally, we measure each therapist’s performance and quality of care. This takes place in multiple forms, one of which is patient ratings. Patients can rate every single session. That gives us a good lens into their level of professionalism, their level of service and the patient’s view on the level of helpfulness. We also do psychologist peer reviews. This increases quality and standardization. Then we provide each therapist with feedback on room for improvement; rewarding those that are performing well and dismissing therapists that aren’t meeting our standards.

The result of this lengthy and rigorous selection and training process ensures each time you call Doctor On Demand, you are speaking to and being treated by qualified, board-certified psychologists who are providing quality care.